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A commentary on Genesis 31

This week’s commentary on Genesis 31 starts with a bang and gets more exciting from there.

Last time, we saw Jacob ask Laban if he could leave and head back to Canaan. Laban tricked him with the wages and took all the discolored animals away so Jacob would have to stay.

Then we saw God bless Jacob by making it so only discolored sheep were born in Jacob’s flocks.

If you missed that one and want to catch up, here it is. Otherwise, let’s keep going.

This week, the story picks back up, and we get to see Jacob finally…

the 4 tips that helped me overcome my fears and write a killer story

Disclosure Statement: affiliate links were used in this article. I only use these links when I truly believe in the product. They help me fuel my writing so I can encourage, inspire, and entertain more people.

On Writing Fiction

I just finished my first draft of my longest short story to date! I started writing short stories about 2 years ago. Before that, I wrote articles and “blog” posts of things I’ve learned, noticed, or otherwise observed. I love that style of writing, don’t get me wrong!

But there is something fun and freeing about fiction!

I highly encourage you to try it…

How yoga can help you attain your athletic goals, no matter what they might be

Today I noticed that yoga is actually pretty great! Honestly, I used to judge yoga a little bit…I would say things like,

  • “it’s just weird stretching, what’s the big deal?”
  • “It’s not like a good workout like lifting weights or running.”
  • “why would I waste my time with it?”

As I’ve grown older, though, I notice that I’m not as flexible as I was when I was a rubbery child. And I’m not even that old yet! …

A commentary on Genesis 30

Today we are diving into Genesis Chapter 30, and let me tell you it is full of some strange things…again haha!

There are a lot more snake oil remedies than you might think too! Anyways, if you like what you hear, definitely read it for yourself! I might have missed something important God wants you to hear! Without further ado, let’s jump into the context of the story:

Sibling rivalry

If you remember where we left off last time, God had just provided Leah with four children! When we pick up this week, we see Rachel’s side of the story.

She is…

God always provides, sometimes in unexpected ways

Welcome back to another Biblit! We are picking back up in our Genesis series with another wild story involving Jacob and deception. There is a twist this week! This time Jacob is not the deceiver, but he is the one being deceived! Before I jump into the context and recap of the story, I have to encourage you (once again) to read it yourselves at some point! I cannot underplay that value! But here we go, let’s jump on in:


Jacob, if you recall, just had a life-changing encounter with God. In the previous chapter, he had a dream where…

What is Biblit?

Biblit is a weekly newsletter/devotion consisting of what we call Biblits. Each Biblit gives a detailed breakdown of different passages of Scripture! If you have never heard the term Biblical Literacy before, I encourage you to look it up and incorporate it into your own quiet times! I learned about it from a popular Christian author, Jen Wilkins. To sum up, essentially, there are three parts to solid study of God’s word:

  1. Context
  2. Interpretation
  3. Application

Most people love the application (myself included). The “ok, that passage is cool, what do I do with it?” questions. There is nothing wrong with…

is trusting God the road less traveled?

Have you ever felt alone and afraid, but all you really needed was a good night’s rest to fix everything? Well, that’s what happens to Jacob this week in Genesis 28 and the story of the famous “Jacob’s Ladder.” Ok, maybe it’s a bit more complicated than just getting a good night’s rest haha! Before we jump into that, though, I definitely want to encourage you to read over or skim the chapter if you are unfamiliar with the story. It’s a good one and should not be overlooked! I will try and recap best I can:


If you recall…

when we take control, things often get out of control

Today we are going to take a deep dive into Genesis 27! Wow, this was quite the chapter! So full of deceit and human corruption; yet God’s will and love prevail it all! I, as always, urge you to read it yourself before diving in. Explore God’s word and see what you learn for yourself! Then come on back and see what I personally learned and comment on any differing opinions or other observations! Anyways, let’s just jump on in!


This whole chapter revolves around the story of Isaac giving his traditional blessing. …

how God is always sovereign no matter what sins or issues we may have

So, this week, we jump back into Genesis 25–26! These passages are jam-packed with cool stuff so I highly suggest reading them yourself! We see some confusing stuff, some weirdly familiar-sounding passages, sin, and faith, but most importantly we see that God is sovereign over everything! So, without further ado, let’s jump in and see what I’m talking about!

End of Abraham

So, jumping into the beginning of Genesis 25 we see Abraham is about to die. We also catch a brief glimpse of his last few years in between his wife’s passing and his own.

the powerful act of speaking to God

This week’s passage comes once again from Genesis. Genesis chapter 24 to be exact. This is, I believe, the longest chapter in Genesis (just a fun fact). This chapter, unlike previous weeks, actually revolves around one main story. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Context First

So, what is happening in this story? Before I dive in, I highly suggest reading Genesis chapter 24 yourself before reading this article. However, I will also recap the synopsis real quick as best I can.

So if you recall, Abraham’s wife, Sarah, just died in the previous passage. It was very important to him…

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