I’m a Triple Major in Life

Here are the classes I’m enrolled in this semester

David J. Meyer
4 min readSep 13, 2019


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If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that the real world is different than school. Now, I don’t mean the pain of having bills, choices, being on your own, or holding a job. Those exist, but I expected them and prepared for them. What I mean is this:

My only memories of life are of my school years. I have had a mindset of taking classes and learning new things for 18 years!

Not being in school has been a bizarre and unexpected transition. It leaves me feeling empty at times. It leaves me feeling bored.

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What can I possibly do to keep learning? I started to tackle this question a bit in another article.

But I want to talk candidly for a moment and go a bit deeper than that article. Let’s walk into the realm of the unknown. In this article, I’m talking about what I am learning, want to learn, and how I want to grow in this season of life.

Because my mind is still stuck in a school mindset, I will divide my different life into different majors. I am a triple major in life.

I am majoring in my Spritual Life, Work, and Hobbies.

Spiritual Life Major

My relationship with God is always growing. I have a good grasp on that by being involved in church, discipleship groups, and Bible studies. I would say this semester I am taking two main courses for my spiritual life.

  • Acts and the Life of Paul
  • Discipleship

Work Major

In work, my main class right now is Performance. Let me explain that a bit before you jump to conclusions.

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I work in software development. So I don’t mean performance as in “job



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